This is the MCC item that started my collection: the cassette of Come On Come On (COCO). The cover photo is worn on the left side because I took it out of the case so many times to read and reread the lyrics. I just reread them before I posted tonight and they are still as memorable as the first time that I listened to the cassette as they were for the 150th time.

The cover contains a hyphen between Mary and Chapin, something that the record company inserted to let the public know that her first name is Mary Chapin and her last name is Carpenter. However, it still confused listeners who called her Mary. And many fans still do, even today, which makes long-time fans (such as myself) who know that her whole first name is Mary Chapin, cringe to hear it. All we can do is just correct them, one fan at a time if we have to and we do.

The physical quality of the tape (not the sound quality) was often different in 1992 than cassettes released even 5 years later. The tape is a heavier plastic and not clear and has paper labels with the song titles.

Side 1 contains: The Hard Way, He Thinks He’ll Keep Her, Rhythm of The Blues, I Feel Lucky, The Bug, Not Too Much to Ask (Duet with Joe Diffie) Also, the message: One Side Longer to Preserve Continuity – a quirk of cassette tapes that I do not miss.

Side 2 contains: Passionate Kisses, Only a Dream, I Am a Town, Walking Through Fire, I Take My Chances, Come On Come On. And again the message: One Side Longer to Preserve Continuity.

The album reached platinum status of at least 1 million sold. I forget off the top of my head how many it sold exactly but I know I’ll come across that statistic as I go through my collection.

There were 7 singles released from COCO. The lead-off single was I Feel Lucky which reached #4 on Billboard’s Country Singles chart.

The next post will contain the CD and more info about COCO.


Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


One thought on “Feels like the first time

  1. I still have my cassette copy of COCO also. I didn’t literally wear it out like you did, so it’s a ’92 original. I thought that album should have won every Album of the Year award it was eligible for- every song is just sooo good. Once again I think she was a bit ahead of her time for that.

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