The first single released off of Come On Come On was I Feel Lucky, a song written by Carpenter and Don Schiltz, who wrote the country classic, The Gambler. The pictured single is a promotional single which means it was released to radio stations but not to the general public.

The inside cover contains the lyrics which are still as comical to me as they were in 1992. I still remember the day I was just waking up in the morning to this song playing on the radio. I always seemed to miss hearing the whole song. But that particular morning, I really ‘heard’ the whole song and it just made me chuckle. The part about sittin’ at the bar buying drinks and cars with her 11 million dollar windfall and then both Lyle Lovett and Dwight Yoakam making moves on her was just a great scenario to be in.

Regarding the choice of using Dwight and Lyle in the song, Don Schlitz, in a radio interview, remarked that Mary-Chapin was very conscientious and wouldn’t include anyone that was in a steady relationship at the time the song was written. I suppose she has never been one to kiss and tell either.

Besides the lyrics included with the CD, the musicians and background vocalists are listed too as follows:

drums: Andy Newmark, piano: Matt Rollings, mandolin: Tim O’Brien, goddess: Camilla Carpenter, bass: Bob Glaub, electric guitar: John Jorgenson, acoustic guitar: John Jennings, background vocalists: Aleta Green, Jon Carroll, John Jennings, Camilla Carpenter

Another single tomorrow. Anyone want to guess?

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


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