The second single off of Come On Come On was NOT Passionate Kisses. It was Not Too Much to Ask sung with honky-tonk singer, Joe Diffie. That song was okay. I mean I like Joe Diffie’s voice and enjoyed his songs but NTMTA  was a bit too sappy to me. These kind of releases are necessary in the music business though. Joe and Mary Chapin were label mates at Columbia and it’s like a requirement that artists sing a duet together.

So what about Passionate Kisses? This song was the 3rd single, a upbeat song written by Lucinda Williams. It was released as a cassette single – a cassette with one song on each side. That’s it. In retrospect, cassette singles seem like such a waste and they were, except of course where MCC is concerned. Side 1 contains Passionate Kisses (Edited Version) and Side 2 contains Middle Ground, a song found on her release, Shooting Straight in The Dark, which immediately preceded COCO.

On the back of the sleeve, the copyright dates are 1992 (for PK) and 1990 (for MG). I picked up the cassette, look at the dates and I think, I’m holding music in my hand that is 22 years old. And why does that strike me in such a fashion today? My niece Emily turned 22 today and she literally grew up listening to this album with me. This album is no doubt embedded in her subconscious – thanks to me in part for that since I had her with me so much before she started school and COCO was always playing when she was around.

As I finish this post, I wonder, Do I have a 45 rpm of Not Too Much to Ask? Perhaps. But I’ll have to uncover that one at a later time if I do have it. The next post will be about PK too because as they say on late night television commercials – but wait…there’s more…

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


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