The next single from COCO was The Bug. It had no video to accompany the release and it was the 5th single, something usually unheard of in Country music. But this album just kept the hits comin’.

Oftentimes, I’ve read the line,

Sometimes you’re the windshield, Sometimes, you’re the bug

quoted in other blogs or articles on the internet and attributed to Mary Chapin Carpenter. However, this song was actually written by Mark Knopler of Dire Straits fame. It was the only other track, besides Passionate Kisses, not written or co-written by MCC that was included on the album. It was also co-produced by Steve Buckingham along with MCC and John Jennings (MCC’s long-time, practically forever, collaborator.)

The flip side of this single was Rhythm of the Blues, one of the few non-singles of the album and one of my favorite songs to hear performed live.

A memory that I have of listening to this song over the years happened about 3 years into listening to this album seemingly non-stop. After several years of *not* having a home stereo system in place, ya know for listening to music at unearthly decibels, I decided to set one up again. I mean as I was approaching my 30s and perhaps outgrowing listening to loud music, I found that Mary Chapin Carpenter songs made me want to listen to my music loud again.

So one day, while listening to COCO, I had it blasted up and I seemed to crank it up a little bit more after each track. I wanted to hear every nuance in her music and her voice. So, The Bug came over the speakers and towards the end I heard something that I had never heard the approximately 122 times before of hearing that song.

She says, “Splat.” At 3:12 to be exact. (I just looked it up.)  At first I thought that I misheard it but I played it again and yep there it was again. Splat.  I enjoyed that subtle sense of humor as I discovered a hidden gem that day in more ways than one. And I’ve never turned the music back down since.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck



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