The final single, from Come On Come On, was I Take My Chances, co-written by Mary Chapin Carpenter and Don Schlitz. It was released in mid-1994 nearly 2 years after COCO first came out. It did as well as He Thinks He’ll Keep Her as it reached number 2 on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles Chart and it did that well without a video to accompany it to boot.

I think the song did so well because it was a commentary on, well, taking chances. Not the kind of chance like, “I’ll just take the chance that I might get wet because I don’t want to bring my umbrella even though it’s supposed to rain” chance. But the kind of chance that makes our heart beat faster because we’re trying something that is out of our comfort zone.

For someone like me that sometimes has a difficult time with that, it helps me feel brave enough to try something that I might not ordinarily do.  For those people that already have the courage to take their chances (and sometimes in spades, pun intended), the lyrics just cemented what they already know and do almost naturally.

See if you agree:

I take my chances every chance I get

I take my chances

I don’t cling to remorse or regret

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


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