Besides collecting numerous pieces of Mary Chapin Carpenter memorabilia and since first and foremost, it’s all about the music, I’m grateful to have seen her several times over the years. The first concert of hers that I ever attended was in May of 1992 in Springfield, Massachusetts. I will never forget it for several reasons which I’ll relate later.

In reality I have seen Mary Chapin Carpenter more than just several times but many times over and amazingly fewer times than other fans. I haven’t counted all my ticket stubs lately but I can say for a certainty that I have seen her at least 50 times. I saw her 3 times alone just last year – first in Charlotte, North Carolina, then Atlanta, Georgia and finally in Fall River, Massachusetts.

When I first began seeing her in concert, it was definitely about the concert itself but as the years go on and as I meet fellow fans, getting to the concert itself and making friends with fans from all over the U.S. has been the real fun. It’s ironic that today’s post is about going to her concerts when I did in fact miss her in concert this weekend and she was pretty close to home for me.

Mary Chapin Carpenter performed in Baltimore, Maryland at the first ever WOW -Women of the World – Festival. It was a one-of-a-kind performance for her and I’m sorry that I missed it. But I am grateful for the many other times that I have seen her in concert over the years and I know that I will see her this year during the summer.

I mentioned that the first time I saw her in concert was very memorable to me. The first being that it was at an outdoor music festival AND it was raining throughout the day. I suppose that it was better than getting a sunburn. And the second memory was that it was a country music festival where normally the artists will meet with fans and sign autographs. But not Mary Chapin Carpenter. She finished her set, hopped on the bus, and the bus zipped right on out of there. It would be nearly 6 years later when I finally got her autograph. The most memorable part about her concert that day though? I was behind 2 tall, bearded guys that seemed to enjoy a gallon of orange juice between them. So much so that they were swaying to the music even when the music wasn’t playing anymore.

The next time I saw MCC in concert, I was inside, nice and dry with no one standing up in front of me. Though, I love to tell the story of my first time seeing her in concert. I don’t really remember what she sang but I was so happy to be there. And everyone should always be that lucky.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck 



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