And the beat goes on

Today’s t-shirt is another item that I acquired from eBay. I’ve never worn it but whoever I got it from sure did as the shirt was black but the color is so faded that it is now a dark brown. I chose this shirt to post today for 2 reasons. First, it was one of 4 on the top of my t-shirt collection bin and second, because it makes me think of my mother when she younger and healthier than she is now as she’s battling cancer that came back again. She even celebrated her 75th birthday on Thursday.

This is the back of the t-shirt.

It’s not just a tour, you’re soaking in it

The phrase comes from a 70s commercial for Palmolive dish soap that good old Madge the manicurist used for her clients. Check out the commercial from YouTube:
I am grateful that I’ve met other fans of MCC at numerous concerts through the years. Because whenever I’ve posted on FaceBook asking for healing vibrations for my Mom, it’s been those same fans who have since become good friends that send them on their way to her.

A week from today, I plan to be at Infinity Hall for some healing of my own by listening to MCC and Shawn Colvin, a little heaven on earth too.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


On the road again

Two weeks from today Mary Chapin Carpenter kicks off an 8-day tour with her pal, Shawn Colvin in Norwalk, Connecticut. So I thought it appropriate to start diggin’ out the concert t-shirts in my collection.

No Mary Chapin Carpenter memorabilia collection is complete without a few concert t-shirts here and there. I’ve collected 30 shirts or so, a few hats, a coupla key chains and several posters over the years. The shirt pictured above is not the first one that I acquired but starts off with the theme of this blog as it’s from her tour in support of Come On Come On. Oh, and not all the items were purchased at her concerts. Many were from eBay and I always enjoy perusing eBay to discover shirts that I’ve never seen before.

Previously Shawn and Mary Chapin have played together numerous times through the years though with Shawn as the opening act and MCC with her full band. I saw them perform in Philadephia at the Mann Center, I believe in 1999. And in 2003, both were joined by Patty Griffin and Dar Williams in the fashion of a guitar-pull where they each took turns singing one of their songs while the others sang harmony. I believe I saw them twice on that tour.

The upcoming tour is just the two of them with their guitars and I can’t wait to experience  the magic of their singing together songs like, One Cool Remove, That’s The Way Love Goes and perhaps a current pop song or two since in 2003 they did sing the Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. It wouldn’t matter to me if they sang the phone book, the two of them on the stage together is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Oh, on the back of the shirt is a line from the title track,

You just have to whisper

Hey, maybe they’ll sing that one too. I can only hope.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck

Walkin’ away a winner

This year’s Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMs) were held on April 1st in Las Vegas but before all the hype and glitz of Vegas, they were held in California. And this is where Mary Chapin Carpenter was a big winner in 1993 taking home the trophy for Top Female Vocalist. She previously won in 1989 for Top New Female Vocalist.

The above photo has the following caption:

Universal City, CA, May 12- Mary Chapin Carpenter speaks onstage and holds the award she won as Top Female Vocalist at the 28th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards presentation at Universal City, Tuesday evening. Credit: AP by Reed Saxon

She’s been nominated a total of 15 times from 1989 through 1994. Use the ACM’s searchable database link below to find out what categories they were.

Interesting enough when I first searched their database, her name didn’t come up and I was confused since I knew she had won according to the photo. The Academy of Country Music has her listed as Mary – Chapin Carpenter as in Mary hyphen Chapin Carpenter. A confusion even 20 years later as I’ve seen her name still confused by those that don’t comprehend that her last name is Carpenter and her first name is Mary Chapin as in Mary Ann or Mary Beth though she prefers being addressed as Chapin.

Watch her acceptance speech below. And enjoy.

Mary Chapin Carpenter wins Top Female Vocalist

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck

Like a moth to a flame

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since my last post. I intended to blog the night of the ACM’s since Mary Chapin Carpenter has won 2 of them during her career and I wanted to remininsce about it. But I never got around to it. I intended to blog when she announced her upcoming release of “Ashes and Roses” that’s due out on June 12th and it happens to be her 12th studio album. And I never got around to that either. But as they say, 3 times the charm, so here goes.

The item that I put in this post is a press kit for Come On Come On which was released by the record company. This item probably cost me about $10.00 which was a lot of money in 1992. It contains an 8 x 10 photo with a matte finish and a 3-page biography.  It came in a red folder that is labeled Columbia Nashville.

A sweet childhood memory appears on page 1.

 Mary-Chapin had picked up a guitar which had been purchased and discarded by her mother during what Carpenter laughingly refers to as “the Great Folk Music Scare” of the early ’60s. ” I remember being in the second grade and playing ‘Celito Lindo’ in the school play,” she laughs.

Page 3 lists most of the songs that are on the CD, except 3 of them including the track I believe to be the least well known from this album, Walking Through Fire. Its lyrics though stand right up next to The Hard Way or any other song on the album.

Spite is like a spark, crackling in the dark, consuming all it catches, and you got me walking through fire

The song has the usual references to fire such as flames, burning and a spark as quoted above but in MCC’s craftful way, she commands the words of the song to create vivid imagery for the listener instead of a cliché.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck