Today’s t-shirt is another item that I acquired from eBay. I’ve never worn it but whoever I got it from sure did as the shirt was black but the color is so faded that it is now a dark brown. I chose this shirt to post today for 2 reasons. First, it was one of 4 on the top of my t-shirt collection bin and second, because it makes me think of my mother when she younger and healthier than she is now as she’s battling cancer that came back again. She even celebrated her 75th birthday on Thursday.

This is the back of the t-shirt.

It’s not just a tour, you’re soaking in it

The phrase comes from a 70s commercial for Palmolive dish soap that good old Madge the manicurist used for her clients. Check out the commercial from YouTube:
I am grateful that I’ve met other fans of MCC at numerous concerts through the years. Because whenever I’ve posted on FaceBook asking for healing vibrations for my Mom, it’s been those same fans who have since become good friends that send them on their way to her.

A week from today, I plan to be at Infinity Hall for some healing of my own by listening to MCC and Shawn Colvin, a little heaven on earth too.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


3 thoughts on “And the beat goes on

  1. Lisa, I’m sorry you’re going through such a hard time with your mom. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Sending you strength to get through it and healing vibes… Marge

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