Hi Folks,

So much has changed in my life since my last post in April. Since May 14th, life feels like it’s only a dream to me. My mother passed away that day after a courageous 2 and a half year battle against multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow. In my last post, I asked for readers to send healing vibes out to her and I thank any and all readers that did that for her and for me.

And now, it’s time to get back to my blog and keeping with the theme of posting Come On Come On memorabilia. It’s the 20th anniversary of its release on June 30, 1992. 

The photo above is a Japanese version of COCO on CD. Now none of the songs are in Japanese though come to think of it, I don’t recall ever actually playing the CD. So I’ll do that at a later sitting. Notice though that the packaging is quite different from the US version.

On the paper case, the lettering is raised and in Japanese. The CD finish is like a matte finish instead of the usual glossy finish of a CD. And the fonts used for the lyric booklet is completely different than the US version.

I’m guessing that I paid about 20-30 US dollars for this but as I believe that I’ve said before about other items, it didn’t matter to me because it was such an unusual item to add to my collection. Another reason I thought it so important to add this to my collection is that Mary Chapin Carpenter spent 2 years in Japan during her teenage years when her father worked abroad for Life Magazine. I’m sure she never imagined while living there that she would ever have an album of her music released in that country. Well, life is stranger than fiction they say.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


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