From Japan in my previous post to Spain in the next. Mary Chapin Carpenter sure is known internationally. This vinyl record was an unusual piece to add to my collection. Passionate Kisses was popular in the US and apparently from this edition in the European market as well as this is a Spanish version of Passionate Kisses. No, it’s not Passionate Kisses sung in Spanish but the English language version released in Spain as you can see from the non-English writing on it.

It is truly a promotional vinyl record since only 1 side is playable. Back in the day of only vinyl, that’s the way the promotional vinyl was made, grooves on the playable side of course and just slick and shiny on the flip side. Also, the yellow CBS/Sony label indicates that this copy is: Promocional/Prohibida Su Venta.

I find it interesting that her whole name is not spelled out on the label either. It says: Mary-Chapin Carpent.  Though enclosed in the record is a paper that spells out her whole last name and lets us know that Passionate Kisses is translated to Besos Apasionados in Spanish.

Also on the paper are the following facts about MCC:

  • Norteamericana, de New Jersey. Pasó gran parte de su infancia en Japón
  • Es uno de lost nuevos valores del folk-country norteamericano
  • Debuto en el 87. Tiene mucho que ver con el sonido de las cantautoras folk de los primeros años 70
  • Segundo single de su cuarto album “Come On Come On”

I won’t provide a translation since most of the Spanish words I know are the “wrong” ones that my adult students have taught me. Seriously, I do know some words from watching the kid shows, like Sesame Street, with my grandson.  And I definitely do understand the part about New Jersey.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


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