Today is a good day in the music world.

Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s recent tour partner, wrote a memoir entitled Diamond in the Rough which was released today. Oh yeah, her latest CD, All Fall Down, was released today too. And let’s not forget that MCC’s latest release, Ashes and Roses, will be out next week on June 12th.

But with all the buzz of a new Mary Chapin Carpenter CD or really a download, I don’t wanna get off track of the purpose of this blog. It’s just 25 more days until the actual 2oth anniversary of the release of Come On Come On. And my intent is to post a piece of memorabilia everyday until that day. 

This item is another unique piece of my collection. It’s a promotional window static cling for the release of The Bug. Its diameter measures 5 and 3/4 inches and it has a copyright date of 1993 on it.  I’ve never displayed it on a window but just always kept it squirreled away. Another promotional item that was released with this one was a 5-foot cardboard windshield visor with the same graphics on it. I’ve seen on eBay once or twice at most but I was never lucky enough to acquire one for my collection.

The song was the fifth single off the album and it reached #16 on the Billboard Country Singles chart. I pointed out in another post that oftentimes the song lyrics are attributed to Mary Chapin Carpenter but it was written by Mark Knopfler of the rock group Dire Straits. Oh well, you know what they say: Sometimes you’re the windshield…

Over & Out,
Lisa Luck


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