I’m in Maryland this weekend to celebrate my great-nephew, Dakota’s high school graduation. I woke up this morning thinking about a photo that I have of him when he was  2 years old, holding a signed edition of Mary Chapin Carpenter’s children book, Dreamland, based on her song of the same name. He even had the chance to meet her in New York City for the book signing of this book. He wore his favorite blanket as a cape and he called himself Frooper Man.

My, how time flies.

Today’s piece is a promotional 1-hour radio special from CMT called On Location: Conversation and Music By Mary Chapin Carpenter with special guests Joe Diffie and Don Schlitz. The broadcast date was for October 1-31, 1992.

The track listing is How Do, Never Had It So Good, This Shirt, You Win Again, Down at the Twist & Shout, I Feel Lucky, The Hard Way, Not Too Much to Ask, and I Take My Chances.

Between each song, Mary Chapin talks about several subjects such as her childhood, early songwriting and co-writing with Don Schlitz. Then Don Schlitz talks about his co-writing experience with Mary Chapin. Joe Diffie talks about singing Not Too Much to Ask, a duet with her. 

This is a true promotional piece because it also includes the actual commercials for CMT- Country Music Television.

I love listening to this CD because I love hearing Mary Chapin speak. For me, her speaking voice is as comforting to me as her singing voice. And I’m happy to have been comforted for 20 years now.

Over & Out,

Lisa Luck


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