This is my Mary Chapin Carpenter: Passionate Kisses from Austin CD. This is one of my favorite finds ever. I came across it at a record show and this was during the time before Stones in the Road came out and I was craving some new music by her. Well, it wasn’t exactly new music as it contains songs from State of the Heart and Come On Come On, but it has different versions of the songs that were live so that was okay with me.

It is the recording of MCC playing at Austin City Limits in 1992 and it was her usual setlist that she played during her 1992-1993 tour to promote Come On Come On. The CD is imprinted with the Western Beat label. And I would call this a bona-fide bootleg CD.

On the back of the CD is the track listing : Never Had It So Good, You Win Again, Going Out Tonight, How Do, Rhythm of the Blues, Passionate Kisses, Read My Lips, Only a Dream, Come On Come On, He Thinks He’ll Keep Her, The Moon And St. Christopher, I Feel Lucky. It also contains another track of Never Had It So Good as a duet with Pete Kennedy on guitar which was taped from another one of her appearances on Austin City Limits. Since it is a live show, the artist talks to the audience between songs which are quite amusing stories about the songs and the artist.

The players in the band were John Jennings on guitar, Jon Carroll in keyboards, J.T. Brown on bass guitar and longtime drummer Robbie Magruder. The song Read My Lips is sung as a duet with Jon Carroll who once belonged to D.C.-based The Starland Vocal Band who sang Afternoon Delight.

Inside the folded sleeve, there’s a photo of her reclining in an easy chair at the train station. The train car in the back is Southern which refers to a line in I Am A Town. This photo was never released anywhere else promotionally that I can recall.

I’ve seen this CD a few times over the years listed on eBay and if you enjoy live music of an artist and especially that of Mary Chapin Carpenter, then I would highly recommend adding this to your collection too.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


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