It’s been over 2 weeks since my last post. I have a good reason too.

The purpose of my blog  has been and is all about the 20th anniversary of Come On Come On but on June 12th, Mary Chapin Carpenter released her new album, Ashes and Roses and since it’s been about 2 years since a new release, I had a hard time focusing on COCO. So allow me to write a few words about her new album.

A few of the early reviews described the album as a downer because the themes are about grief and loss. And I would say, why not? The songwriter has experienced these things personally since her father passed away just last year and she divorced in 2009.

I truly appreciate this album as it came out at a time since I just lost my mother last month. As usual MCC has put my feelings into words for me as she does many times before and for so many others as well.

Ashes and Roses has 13 tracks and four of them have risen to the top for me such as the proverbial cream does. They are: The Swords We Carried, New Year’s Day, Jericho and especially, Learning The World.

LTW has been a comfort to me since my mom died as it describes how grief takes over our lives. I’ve already experienced the following lines:

And pushing your empty cart mile after mile

leaves you weeping in the wilderness

of the supermarket aisle

I was in the game and toy aisle at our local Stop & Shop when I happened to look at a container of pinwheels, a rather benign thing or so I thought. I picked one up and I flashed back to when I was 5 years old.  I remembered how my mom bought me one at the grocery store. I held it out the window the whole way home and in that moment in the aisle, I could still hear the sound of the pinwheel rapidly spinning in the wind. I became a bucket of tears.

Thank you, Mary Chapin Carpenter, for your gift of music and words.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


One thought on “I dwell in possibility

  1. I love the album, but maybe it is because her quieter songs have always held sway with me. My particular fave is “OLD LOVE”. There is something about that yearning in her voice I identify with…

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