Today’s piece in my collection is a UK 45-rpm record of He Thinks He’ll Keep Her. I was so happy when I stumbled across this item in an ad in Goldmine magazine. I thought it appropriate to post this since Mary Chapin Carpenter is in the UK to promote the release of her new album, Ashes & Roses, on July 2 .

Shown here is the ‘A’ side of the album version of this song, penned by Carpenter and Don Schlitz. The record sleeve is made of durable paper not like some of the flimsy ones that sometimes US records were sleeved in. The promotional photo on the front cover was not included in the CD release of the album. Not the US one anyway. The round sticker on the front states the included is the live version of the song as recorded at The Victoria Palace in London. Are there any readers out there who were in the audience for this performance? I’d love to hear about the experience.

This photo shows the back of the sleeve and the ‘B’ side containing the live version.

When I received this record in the mail, it brought back memories of how much I enjoyed collecting records when I was a teenager. I had a stack of 45s that I acquired from shopping at our local Caldor store every Friday night with my father. I especially enjoyed the unusual records, the collectible ones, like my purple vinyl copy of ELO’s (Electric Light Orchestra) Sweet Talkin’ Woman, my red vinyl 33 of the Beatles 1962-1966, and a two of Soft Cell’s EPs that I purchased in Canada. I still have my copies of the Beatles and Soft Cell albums but lost track of my ELO record.

And still, I would put this 45 record of He Thinks He’ll Keep Her right up there with the records of my teenage years. It is a keeper, pun intended. As they say on tv though, but wait! There’s more!

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


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