This item in my collection was another find on eBay. At some time during my acquistion of Mary Chapin Carpenter memorabilia, I decided to collect as many concert t-shirts as I came across whether I got them at a concert myself or from some other source. It was sold during her tour for Come On Come On. I liked this one especially since my last name is Luck and the graphics refer to, well, items that pertain to Luck.

The back of the shirt looks like this:

The font used for her name is the one used in Shooting Straight in the Dark, the album released just previously to COCO. Note too, that there’s a hyphen between Mary and Chapin to let people know that her name is Mary Chapin, not just Mary.

A bit of trivia: I read somewhere that the album that an artist puts out isn’t really as profitable to the artist and that it’s the tour that really nets them some money. Since I’ve seen her over 50 times in concert, I suppose that does make sense since there’s only one album to buy but many times to see her during the same tour and any tour merchandise that’s for sale.

So why t-shirts? When I’ve gone to Disney World, I always buy a latex balloon of Mickey’s ears on Main Street before I leave and for me, going to a concert and not leaving with a t-shirt is like that for me. It ‘proves’ that I was there. Not just in the morning either but a month later, a year later or even 20 years later.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


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