Well, folks, it’s June 30, 2012, at least in my time zone still and 20 years ago today, Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Come On Come On was released in the US. It went on to become certified multi-platinum in the US and seven of the 12 tracks were released as singles.

As I have gone through my collection, (and I still have more to show so my blog will continue), I realize that I have some favorite pieces. Without a doubt, the item that I write about today on the 20th anniversary is one of my top 5 treasured items in my collection.

This is the UK vinyl album of Come On Come On that was only rumored to have been in existence. There were a few hardcore MCC memorabilia collectors that searched for it though one was never found. It became, forgive the expression, the Holy Grail to add to my collection. Since the late 1990s, I searched for this record. At record shows, online auctions, record stores and yard sales, you name it, I looked for it. Zilch.

Finally, the record collector goddesses decided to shine down on me. I found it on eBay in 2009. The only other item that I was as ecstatic about was her outfit that she wore in the video for Down at the Twist and Shout. I was prepared to spend at least $50 for it because it is such a rare item. I had never seen the record up until that time nor have I seen a copy since then. Thankfully, the bidding stayed low and I won the item for $21.50 plus shipping costs. I felt like that was a steal because it is worth a lot more to me.

Oh, and get this, the record was sold by Gerosa Records in Brookfield, Connecticut. Have I ever mentioned that I live in Connecticut? A record that I looked high and low for over 10 years was in a record store about 90 minutes away from me.

Here is the back of the album:

It looks just like the CD except it’s the size of an LP.

So Happy 20th Birthday to Come On Come On. Long live vinyl and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


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