Since the last time I posted, I’ve returned from a 4-day trip to Waterloo, Iowa for a John Deere tractor show. I enjoy the city as much as the country but I would have preferred attending a record show. My 82-year old father belongs to the 2-Cylinder club and wanted to take his adult children. So we flew into Minneapolis, drove the 4 hours to Waterloo to take in tractor after tractor display and went on 2 different John Deere factory tours. So after my description of what I did on my summer vacation, you ask – what does this have to do with Mary Chapin Carpenter? I’ll tell ya.
I misplaced my USB camera cord and I finally found it tonight. I have photos on a memory card from the tractor show that I wanted to upload to Facebook and as I was looking for them I came across some photos from our trip to California in August of 2010.

A large part of the trip included seeing MCC in concert 4 times. Here’s the “proof.”

We saw her 4 times. Once in San Diego, once in Anaheim and twice in the Bay area. We had tickets for only 1 of the shows and we bought the tickets just before the show for the other three. In Anaheim, we had 6th row seats and here is the view:

Not bad for last minute tickets.

Now, why the title of the blog? Once in concert, (though not her 2010 tour) MCC mentioned that she loved listening to Kenny Chesney’s song while she was riding her tractor on her Virginia farm. Coincidentally, the song was playing over the PA system about 10 minutes after I had arrived at the tractor show. Though, I really don’t believe in coincidences. And another “coincidence,” MCC was playing in Iowa City on Saturday night, a mere 90 minutes from Waterloo.

So close. Yet so far away.  I was ready to drive the distance to go but my 2 sisters and father weren’t up to the extra travelling. Oh, well, there’s always next time. And I know there will be a next time.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


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