I consider myself a devoted Mary Chapin Carpenter fan as I’ve followed her career for 25 years. She recently announced this show: http://www.marychapincarpenter.com/news/. She’ll return to Wolf Trap on August 12 for a special concert celebrating 30 years since she began recording and releasing music, the first CD released being Hometown Girl. Coincidentally, it’s also the 25 anniversary of Come On Come On, the 10th anniversary of The Calling and the 5th anniversary of Ashes and Roses.

In honor of her birthday, I’m reposting her birth announcement found in the Princeton Packet dated February 27. (The previous post I wrote, you can read here:  https://wordpress.com/post/iamlisamluck.wordpress.com/26 )


I obtained this paper when we went on a trip to New Jersey and decided to stop in Princeton for dinner. We went to a Chinese restaurant which happened to be across from the Public Library. While perusing the menu, the thought popped into my head – I wonder if I could find her birth announcement. We ordered our food and I hesitated leaving my traveling companions, but decided so I took off, abandoning them, to go to the library. Mind you, the library was directly across from the restaurant. It took me 2 minutes to walk there.

When I arrived, I immediately found a librarian who could direct me to the local newspaper for 1958. She located the correct microfiche. I put it on the machine and started scrolling through the pages. I found the announcement, made a copy of it and thanked the librarian for her help.  I got back to the restaurant just in time as the food arrived all in a matter of 15 minutes. The ease with which I acquired the newspaper was something that I really thought was meant to be.

Happy Birthday Mary Chapin Carpenter!

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck



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