Howdy Folks –

I was at my brother’s house this past weekend playing my guitar. Which one is it? You ask. And what does this have to do with Mary Chapin Carpenter? Well, it’s the one in the middle. I can’t take credit for the red one or the bass guitar; those belong to my brother who is an excellent guitarist by the way.

I was browsing New London’s local music shop, Caruso’s when I saw this electric guitar. I had been wanting  one to go with my Guild acoustic guitar but I was trying to justify buying an electric guitar.

Now I don’t drink beer. I prefer whiskey. Jameson if available. I like horses but I usually buy horse-themed things for my niece cause she loves horses. My brother-in-law, her father, remarked once that in her ultrasound picture at 5 months, she even looked like a horse.

The link to MCC – it’s a reference to her song, Hero In Your Own Hometown.

…once upon a summertime

out behind the old garage

we were buzzing on midnight

Luckys and Rolling Rock

That connection would be a good enough justification for me to buy it.

So I did.

If it’s something that has some connection to MCC, I’ll take it.  Have you ever purchased something because it had an MCC connection? Let me know in the comments section.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck



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