Rhythm of the King Street Blues

Howdy Folks!

In addition to buying stuff that has a Mary Chapin Carpenter connection, I go to places that have a Mary Chapin Carpenter connection. One of those places is King Street Blues, a restaurant, located in Olde Towne Alexandria, Virginia.

King Street Blues serves delicious southern cooking such as chicken fried steak, ribs, and gumbo. It’s really good food! The last time I went was over 5 years ago so it’s time to return.

The connection to MCC is in her Passionate Kisses music video. There’s a frame around 28 seconds of a man playing his saxophone in front of the restaurant. Watch the video here:


The restaurant is not large in width but large in height because it’s a 2-story building. The 1st floor is the bar and some tables. The second floor is where everyone is seated for a meal. There are whimsical paper mache-like animals, like pigs playing saxophones or trumpets, on the wall or hanging down from the ceiling.

I’ve been there several times and I ate either ribs or the chicken fried steak. The garlic mashed potatoes are awesome as MCC attests to in this photo (attacked by the cat).


Katie Couric got in on the fun by writing that Mary Chapin Carpenter is God to which she replied that Katie Couric is God.


Check out King Street Blues here: http://www.kingstreetblues.com/home.aspx

 Over & Out, 

Lisa M Luck