Feels Like The First Time

Howdy Folks!

Exactly 25 years ago, November 14, 1992,  I was waiting for my second ever Mary Chapin Carpenter concert in Boston, Massachusetts to begin. I was sitting in the second balcony of the Berklee Performance Center at the Berklee School of Music. How do I know this exactly? A few day ago, I came across my concert ticket stubs from all the MCC concerts that I have attended. BTW, I decided to count them which totaled to 59 though I’ve seen her more than that.

One of those times was the first time that I saw her which was at Connecticut station 92.5, WWYZ’s yearly Music Fest. Kathy Mattea was the headliner though she had to cancel due to her throat. (Ricky Skaggs replaced her.) The weather was wet to say the least. I stood in the pouring rain to see MCC and I will never forget it. Because of this memorable concert experience is why I remember my second concert, though the ticket stub reminds me of the details. Like how I remember the exact date, that I was in the second balcony, not the first one and that the ticket cost $22.50. (I don’t remember if there was any service fee.)


It was my first sit down in a theater away from the elements to enjoy MCC’s music with no distractions. One distraction that I remember from the Music Fest is two long-haired, bearded men, wearing clear, plastic rain gear, who were swaying to MCC’s music while sharing a gallon! container of orange juice. That o.j. was surely mixed with another beverage as it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. None of that was happening in Berklee Performance Center.

The Performance hall was filled with excitement. I attribute it to the fact that Come On Come On had been out for 6 months, she had won a CMA for Female Vocalist the month before and this show at 10:30 was added to accommodate more of those that wanted to see her in Boston. I was excited too because I couldn’t wait to see what songs she would perform. I was familiar with her whole catalog because before COCO came out, I had purchased everything else that she had put out. I was especially looking forward to hearing Never Had It So Good. And she did not disappoint though she almost did because she performed it in another key and I didn’t recognize it at first. (Now, it’s my preferred version.)

The Heartbeats opened. They were a female quartet from somewhere in New England. (If someone remembers, remind me please.)

When MCC arrived, she put on a great show playing many songs from COCO.  She encored with Hearts In Her Eyes by the Searchers and finished the show with it.


After the concert, I went back to the bus to try to meet her but it didn’t happen. What did happen was this was the first time that I met John Jennings. Even the first time, as he was every other time that I talked with him, he was such an attentive, sweet guy. He talked with me like I was the most important person in the world at that moment. Thanks John. You are never forgotten. And neither will that Saturday night spent in Boston.


Over & Out,

Lisa M Luck