Feels Like The First Time

Howdy Folks!

Exactly 25 years ago, November 14, 1992,  I was waiting for my second ever Mary Chapin Carpenter concert in Boston, Massachusetts to begin. I was sitting in the second balcony of the Berklee Performance Center at the Berklee School of Music. How do I know this exactly? A few day ago, I came across my concert ticket stubs from all the MCC concerts that I have attended. BTW, I decided to count them which totaled to 59 though I’ve seen her more than that.

One of those times was the first time that I saw her which was at Connecticut station 92.5, WWYZ’s yearly Music Fest. Kathy Mattea was the headliner though she had to cancel due to her throat. (Ricky Skaggs replaced her.) The weather was wet to say the least. I stood in the pouring rain to see MCC and I will never forget it. Because of this memorable concert experience is why I remember my second concert, though the ticket stub reminds me of the details. Like how I remember the exact date, that I was in the second balcony, not the first one and that the ticket cost $22.50. (I don’t remember if there was any service fee.)


It was my first sit down in a theater away from the elements to enjoy MCC’s music with no distractions. One distraction that I remember from the Music Fest is two long-haired, bearded men, wearing clear, plastic rain gear, who were swaying to MCC’s music while sharing a gallon! container of orange juice. That o.j. was surely mixed with another beverage as it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. None of that was happening in Berklee Performance Center.

The Performance hall was filled with excitement. I attribute it to the fact that Come On Come On had been out for 6 months, she had won a CMA for Female Vocalist the month before and this show at 10:30 was added to accommodate more of those that wanted to see her in Boston. I was excited too because I couldn’t wait to see what songs she would perform. I was familiar with her whole catalog because before COCO came out, I had purchased everything else that she had put out. I was especially looking forward to hearing Never Had It So Good. And she did not disappoint though she almost did because she performed it in another key and I didn’t recognize it at first. (Now, it’s my preferred version.)

The Heartbeats opened. They were a female quartet from somewhere in New England. (If someone remembers, remind me please.)

When MCC arrived, she put on a great show playing many songs from COCO.  She encored with Hearts In Her Eyes by the Searchers and finished the show with it.


After the concert, I went back to the bus to try to meet her but it didn’t happen. What did happen was this was the first time that I met John Jennings. Even the first time, as he was every other time that I talked with him, he was such an attentive, sweet guy. He talked with me like I was the most important person in the world at that moment. Thanks John. You are never forgotten. And neither will that Saturday night spent in Boston.


Over & Out,

Lisa M Luck




Four Voices from the Mountain

Howdy Folks!

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Mary Chapin Carpenter, thanks to my friend, Gerry. It was a beautiful Saturday night. Joan Baez, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and the Indigo Girls (Amy Ray and Emily Saliers) performed as Four Voices. The venue was Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Pops, in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts.

They included songs that each is known for, performing some together, others were sung solo, and in yet others, one would take the lead with the verses and the others would join in chorus harmonies.

Baez and Carpenter_wm (1)

The following is the set list with some comments.

Don’t Think Twice

Get Out the Map

Stones In the Road ( MCC changed the lyric from “we doctor the receipt” to “we send another tweet”)


Another World (Joan Baez)

Fight Song

This Shirt(MCC)

Soldier Boy

Diamonds and Rust (Joan Baez, MCC) (“50 years ago” plus afterwards Joan commented “I’ll take the diamonds”)

The Age of Miracles

Shame On You

Train Inside performed by Emily Saliers. This song is on her upcoming first solo album, Murmuration Nation which is coming out on August 11.

Nasty Man (Joan Baez)

The Things That We Are Made Of(MCC) (from Joan’s reaction afterwards, it was apparently the first time Chapin had added this song in the set – and was well appreciated)

Closer To Fine

Great Correction Eliza Gilykson

Share the Moon (Indigo Girls)
Last Leaf on The Tree Tom Waits

The Hard Way

Times Are A Changin’

*Encore* Water Is Wide

*Encore* Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Joan Baez)


Over & Out,

Lisa M Luck

Rhythm of the King Street Blues

Howdy Folks!

In addition to buying stuff that has a Mary Chapin Carpenter connection, I go to places that have a Mary Chapin Carpenter connection. One of those places is King Street Blues, a restaurant, located in Olde Towne Alexandria, Virginia.

King Street Blues serves delicious southern cooking such as chicken fried steak, ribs, and gumbo. It’s really good food! The last time I went was over 5 years ago so it’s time to return.

The connection to MCC is in her Passionate Kisses music video. There’s a frame around 28 seconds of a man playing his saxophone in front of the restaurant. Watch the video here:


The restaurant is not large in width but large in height because it’s a 2-story building. The 1st floor is the bar and some tables. The second floor is where everyone is seated for a meal. There are whimsical paper mache-like animals, like pigs playing saxophones or trumpets, on the wall or hanging down from the ceiling.

I’ve been there several times and I ate either ribs or the chicken fried steak. The garlic mashed potatoes are awesome as MCC attests to in this photo (attacked by the cat).


Katie Couric got in on the fun by writing that Mary Chapin Carpenter is God to which she replied that Katie Couric is God.


Check out King Street Blues here: http://www.kingstreetblues.com/home.aspx

 Over & Out, 

Lisa M Luck 

Girl with guitar


Howdy Folks –

I was at my brother’s house this past weekend playing my guitar. Which one is it? You ask. And what does this have to do with Mary Chapin Carpenter? Well, it’s the one in the middle. I can’t take credit for the red one or the bass guitar; those belong to my brother who is an excellent guitarist by the way.

I was browsing New London’s local music shop, Caruso’s when I saw this electric guitar. I had been wanting  one to go with my Guild acoustic guitar but I was trying to justify buying an electric guitar.

Now I don’t drink beer. I prefer whiskey. Jameson if available. I like horses but I usually buy horse-themed things for my niece cause she loves horses. My brother-in-law, her father, remarked once that in her ultrasound picture at 5 months, she even looked like a horse.

The link to MCC – it’s a reference to her song, Hero In Your Own Hometown.

…once upon a summertime

out behind the old garage

we were buzzing on midnight

Luckys and Rolling Rock

That connection would be a good enough justification for me to buy it.

So I did.

If it’s something that has some connection to MCC, I’ll take it.  Have you ever purchased something because it had an MCC connection? Let me know in the comments section.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


There’s a New Kid in Town – Update

I consider myself a devoted Mary Chapin Carpenter fan as I’ve followed her career for 25 years. She recently announced this show: http://www.marychapincarpenter.com/news/. She’ll return to Wolf Trap on August 12 for a special concert celebrating 30 years since she began recording and releasing music, the first CD released being Hometown Girl. Coincidentally, it’s also the 25 anniversary of Come On Come On, the 10th anniversary of The Calling and the 5th anniversary of Ashes and Roses.

In honor of her birthday, I’m reposting her birth announcement found in the Princeton Packet dated February 27. (The previous post I wrote, you can read here:  https://wordpress.com/post/iamlisamluck.wordpress.com/26 )


I obtained this paper when we went on a trip to New Jersey and decided to stop in Princeton for dinner. We went to a Chinese restaurant which happened to be across from the Public Library. While perusing the menu, the thought popped into my head – I wonder if I could find her birth announcement. We ordered our food and I hesitated leaving my traveling companions, but decided so I took off, abandoning them, to go to the library. Mind you, the library was directly across from the restaurant. It took me 2 minutes to walk there.

When I arrived, I immediately found a librarian who could direct me to the local newspaper for 1958. She located the correct microfiche. I put it on the machine and started scrolling through the pages. I found the announcement, made a copy of it and thanked the librarian for her help.  I got back to the restaurant just in time as the food arrived all in a matter of 15 minutes. The ease with which I acquired the newspaper was something that I really thought was meant to be.

Happy Birthday Mary Chapin Carpenter!

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck


On With The Song

It’s been established that I have a ton of Mary Chapin Carpenter memorabilia. Recently, I came across the piano songbooks that I have, the first of them contains songs from State of the Heart and Shooting Straight in the Dark. The second one was the music from Come On Come On. The third one is this:


It’s an 83-page piano-vocal-guitar book published by Cherry Lane Music in 1997. It includes all the songs from A Place in the World CD and photos from those inside the CD and cassette. Naked to the Eye is the third song in the book though it appears as the ninth track. It also contains complete lyrics in album order. The cost –  $17.95.

This songbook is musically better than the others that I mentioned above. The chords match to the CD when you’re listening to it. Even The Better to Dream of You has an asterisk to indicate that the song was recorded a half step lower. I just noticed that on I Want to Be Your Girlfriend, I noted that the capo is on the fourth fret.

Overall, it’s a nice piece to my collection. Until next time.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck

A Place in the World, Part 2

Howdy Folks,

After spending two and a half hours in my storage space, I finally located my copy of A Place In The World (APITW) and some other memorabilia related to this CD for other blog posts.

About this CD, it was released in October 1996 as a CD as well as on cassette tape. There were 4 singles released off of this CD of which one of them only rose as high as a top-30 Country hit. The four singles were Let Me Into Your Heart, Keeping the Faith, I Want To Be Your Girlfriend, and The Better To Dream Of You.

When I was opening up the CD so I could take a photo of it, I noticed wear on the cover. I’ve always noticed the wear on the left side but now I see it on the right side as well. The green stickers on the back cover tell the DJ at my wedding reception to play the whole CD during dinner. Before the album was released, there was a segment on the country version of Entertainment Tonight which showcased her album and all the work that the record company’s art department put into creating the look and feel of the album. There were at least 3 other fonts that were picked out for the cover. Also, inside are additional pictures that I’ll post at a later date.

She also toured in support of APITW with Trisha Yearwood and Kim Richey during 1997. I took my niece, Emily, who was 7 at the time to her first Mary Chapin Carpenter concert at a venue then called Great Woods in Massachusetts.

It’s a short post I know and as always,

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck

My Place in this World

So it’s been over 4 years since I wrote a post. The year 2012 was the 20th anniversary of Mary-Chapin’s Come On Come On and I shared some memorabilia with you.

I’ve been in transition the last 4 years due to several significant losses, my mother (who I mentioned in previous posts), my 9 year old pet rabbit, my step-dad, my marriage, my job of 5 and a half years. These things drove me to a very dark, dark place. I’m happy to say though that I’m finally in a better place.

During this time, I binged on Netflix a lot and referred to myself as a bed potato. I did manage though to see MCC in concert during this time thanks to my friend, Gerry. I saw MCC at new venues (to me). She even brought along Shawn Colvin to one of them. (Yes, I know it was pre-planned.)

After all of this back story, it leads me to say that my plans are to continue this blog. My primary focus now will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of A Place In The World (APITW), one of my top 5 favorite albums of hers. Also, I plan to stay on this topic with some digression which may be this month, because the record wasn’t released until October of 1996. 

I almost restarted this blog in August because my high school niece needed to read a blog for summer reading and why shouldn’t it be mine. Needless to say, I never got around to it because I preferred listening to MCC’S music – COCO,  PDAOF, and The Calling instead of writing. 

 It wasn’t whole albums but specific songs like He Thinks He’ll Keep Her, Can’t Take Love for Granted (Live from The David Letterman Show), and the title track from The Calling. When I listen to single tracks, I notice nuances of the songs that I never heard before like guitar licks, background vocals and harmonies. 

Notice on the inside packaging, I’ve put the marketing blurbs that are stuck to the outside wrapper. Oh, and this album will be 10 years old next year. 

With that said, I’m happy that I have plenty of memorabilia and plenty of stories to share with you. Until next time…

Over & Out,

Lisa M Luck

She thinks my tractor’s sexy

Since the last time I posted, I’ve returned from a 4-day trip to Waterloo, Iowa for a John Deere tractor show. I enjoy the city as much as the country but I would have preferred attending a record show. My 82-year old father belongs to the 2-Cylinder club and wanted to take his adult children. So we flew into Minneapolis, drove the 4 hours to Waterloo to take in tractor after tractor display and went on 2 different John Deere factory tours. So after my description of what I did on my summer vacation, you ask – what does this have to do with Mary Chapin Carpenter? I’ll tell ya.
I misplaced my USB camera cord and I finally found it tonight. I have photos on a memory card from the tractor show that I wanted to upload to Facebook and as I was looking for them I came across some photos from our trip to California in August of 2010.

A large part of the trip included seeing MCC in concert 4 times. Here’s the “proof.”

We saw her 4 times. Once in San Diego, once in Anaheim and twice in the Bay area. We had tickets for only 1 of the shows and we bought the tickets just before the show for the other three. In Anaheim, we had 6th row seats and here is the view:

Not bad for last minute tickets.

Now, why the title of the blog? Once in concert, (though not her 2010 tour) MCC mentioned that she loved listening to Kenny Chesney’s song while she was riding her tractor on her Virginia farm. Coincidentally, the song was playing over the PA system about 10 minutes after I had arrived at the tractor show. Though, I really don’t believe in coincidences. And another “coincidence,” MCC was playing in Iowa City on Saturday night, a mere 90 minutes from Waterloo.

So close. Yet so far away.  I was ready to drive the distance to go but my 2 sisters and father weren’t up to the extra travelling. Oh, well, there’s always next time. And I know there will be a next time.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck

I’ll trade ya…

The 20th anniversary of the release of Come On Come On has passed and I’ve been thinking about changing the focus of my blog. It will still pertain to Mary Chapin Carpenter but I want to incorporate my experience, my life as it pertains to being a long-time fan of hers.  I still have many pieces of memorabilia that I haven’t posted yet, so as I figure out what that focus will be, I’ll still have plenty to write about in the meanwhile.

According to her website, www.marychapincarpenter.com, her summer tour begins on July 18th in Homestead, Pennsylvania. She moves on to the midwest, up to Canada, to the East Coast, back to Pennsylvania for the Philadelphia Folk Festival on August 17th and Wolf Trap, her hometown crowd on the 18th. Oh, she has more dates after that but just check it out for yourself if you want to see additional dates.

Below are 2 glossy Country Gold trading cards that were available in 1993. They were sold in packages (just like baseball trading cards) with other country stars who were popular at that time. I don’t remember too many of them though I do remember Shania Twain and Martina McBride as up-and-comers in the set. I believe I have a complete set squirrelled away somewhere though the ones that mattered to me most, these ones, I can always easily find.

The photo on the left is one of my top 5 favorite photos of Mary Chapin Carpenter. The one on the right is a great photo of her in concert playing her treasured red Rickenbacker.

Here’s the back of the cards:

At the end of the post is the words from each card.

So, here’s to counting off the days until she kicks off her summer tour. 15 days to go.

Over & Out,

Lisa M. Luck

She owes her career in part to some of the men in her life. Her Junior High School teacher at an American school in Tokyo turned her on to playing guitar. Her father later forced her to take her music out of the closet and perform in public at a Washington, D.C. club open mike night. That led to her turning pro and becoming one of the most popular local performers in the nation’s capital. Then, she met a musician, John Jennings, who helped her produce an independent album of original songs. In 1988, Columbia Records heard that album and signed her up. The world soon said, “How Do,” to a new star. As an avid reader and strong supporter of the CMA’s campaign to combat literacy, all proceeds generated by this card will be donated to the National Literacy Hotline. If you would like to join the campaign against illiteracy, call 1-800-228-8813.

Offstage she can be shy and reserved in front of a video camera or interviewer’s microphone. But on stage she’s right at home. Her confidence grows with every accolade she receives for her insightful, intelligent and often humorous hit songs. Songs that can get your heart pumping and toes tapping like “Down at the Twist and Shout” and “I Feel Lucky,” as well as simply lovely tunes like “Passionate Kisses” and “Come On Come On,” that make her one of the hottest tickets in any town.